Brown-Rudder Award Winner

Kallie Fuchs-Chris Skaggs Brown Rudder 2016Texas A&M University has presented one of its top student awards — recognizing outstanding accomplishments in academics, leadership and service by Kallie Fuchs of Burton, a Nutrition Science Major who graduated on Friday, May 13th.  Kallie received the prestigious Brown-Rudder Award presented annually to two candidates recognized for their exemplification of the leadership and dedication to academics and Texas A&M University.

The award was approved by President Michael K. Young and presented at the Learning communities, Academic excellence, Undergraduate research opportunities, National fellowships, Capstones and Honors programs (LAUNCH) recognition ceremony that serves as a climax for the regular school year this past Thursday, May 12.

Brown Foundation-Earl Rudder Memorial Outstanding Student Award includes a cash gift of $5,000. The award honors top students who exemplify the leadership and related traits of the late Gen. Earl Rudder, a World War II hero who served as president of Texas A&M from 1959 until his death in 1970.

Fuchs graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutritional sciences and a minor in applied learning in science, technology, engineer and mathematics. She is described as an “academic powerhouse” and a dedicated leader. One of her nomination letter writers describes her as fitting John Quincy Adams’ description of a leader as one who inspires “others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.” Another letter states that she “represents leadership, embodies integrity, walks the walk of respect and is loyal.”

It was noted that Fuchs demonstrated her fortitude, courage and integrity as the election commissioner for Student Government, her dedication to Aggie values as the founder of Farmers Fight, the Agricultural Advocacy organization, and her commitment to selfless service through her work with the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program.

Kallie Fuchs- Brown Rudder 2016

Her embodiment of involvement and impact throughout the Aggie community resulted in her being honored by a Buck Weirus Spirit award in 2015. Her academic record reveals remarkable accomplishments in challenging coursework and undergraduate research which led to her earning the 2014 Texas A&M Gathright Scholar award and 2014 Class of 2016 Class Star Award for Academics.

Kallie finished her degree with a perfect 4.000 grade point ratio, scored in the 87% on the MCAT, and begins Baylor Medical School in Fall 2016.

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