About the Department

Welcome to an extraordinary department – established January 2005 upon a rich heritage of Aggie leadership in nutrition and food science, and dedicated to expanding the embrace of the Aggie family worldwide. In creating the Department, the state of Texas and Texas A&M University recognized the importance of food choices in living a healthy life. Families, schools, communities, and businesses all benefit when people make nutritious choices as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is important that people have the knowledge to make the right food choices when eating at home and away from home. It is the mission of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science to:

1. help develop, distribute and market foods that people want to eat and businesses want to sell,
2. find out how foods (and nutrients) work in our bodies to promote health, and
3. teach people to choose foods (and lifestyles) to help them be healthy.

Nutrition is involved in almost all of the processes of human life. The field ranges from discovering the role of citrus limonoids on cell signalling and the development of breast cancer – to the effect of amino acids like arginine on protein metabolism and muscle mass – to the effect of nutrition education programs on glycosylated hemoglobin levels of individuals with diabetes. Indeed, nutrition is central to growing concerns of obesity and severe chronic health diseases.

Food science affects every bite of food eaten and is as diverse as the foods we choose. Some food scientists study the effect of grape variety and processing on the phytochemical content and health effects of wines. Other food scientists study the effect of processing of whole grain cereals on antioxidant content and shelf stability of breads.

Microbiologists seek to identify novel agents that prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in refrigerated food products.

In short, the future health and well-being of the world is incumbent on the nutrition and food sciences disciplines, and their role in maintaining health and preventing and treating diseases.

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