Expected schedule of supervised practice

The supervised practice component of the Texas A&M Dietetic Internship Program is 37 weeks or approximately 9 months, plus one week for orientation. The supervised practice begins the third week of August, and finishes the third week of May the following year.

The 2017-2018 Supervised Practice Calendar follows:

o    August 13th: Orientation Week

o    August 27th: Start of Supervised Practice

o    November 22-23: Thanksgiving Break

o    December 24January 4: Holiday Break

o    May 17th: Completion of supervised practice

Expected schedule of graduate school:
For interns in the Dietetic Internship with optional graduate credit, the length of time from start to finish of the program will include graduate school. Typically, interns in this option begin their graduate studies in August after acceptance into graduate school and the dietetic internship. Graduate studies and research may take approximately two years to complete, longer for a doctoral degree. They may start the supervised practice component after they have completed their graduate studies and depending on their graduate research.

Following is an outline of a typical schedule for an intern in the Dietetic Internship with optional graduate credit completing a Master of Science degree:

o    April 2018: Acceptance into the Dietetic Internship with optional graduate credit

o    August 2018: Start graduate school. Follow the University academic calendar

o    August 2020: Begin supervised practice

o    May 2021: Completion of supervised practice and graduation

This schedule may vary if the intern is completing a doctoral degree and depending on when the intern applies to the dietetic internship program relative to starting graduate school.

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