General Program Progression

Foundations (Year 1)
KINE 690S Theory of Kinesiology Research (Statistics)
KINE 601 Reading Research Publications in Kinesiology
VTPP 605 Systemic Veterinary Physiology I
KINE 637 Exercise Physiology I
KINE 638 Exercise Physiology II
NUTR 641 Nutritional Biochemistry
Integration (Year 1 and 2)
KINE 626 Exercise for Clinical Populations
KINE 639 Exercise Electrocardiography
NUTR 630 Nutrition in Disease
KINE 628 Nutrition in Sport and Exercise
KINE 629 Physiology of Strength & Conditioning
KINE 647 Instrumentation and Techniques in Ex Phys I
KINE 648 Instrumentation and Techniques in Ex Phys II
Elective Advisor Directed
NUTR 6** Nutrition Elective
NUTR 681 Seminar
KINE 681 Seminar
Application (Year 2 and 3)
KINE 685 Directed Study
NUTR 685 Directed Study
KINE 683 Practicum in KINE (Sport Physiology)
NUTR 684 Professional Internship
KINE 684 Professional Internship

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