Graduate Student Research Symposium

A one-day research symposium for students to share their work with fellow students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science and other collaborating departments. Hosted by the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Association (NSGA). For more information contact NSGA at

2017 Graduate Research Symposium

Date:  April 17, 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Graduate Research Symposium!

Oral Presentations:

  1. Erika Garcia Villatoro, PI: Dr. Clinton Allred

The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor is a repressor of colorectal cancer development induced by high-fat diet in mice

  1. Derrick Amoako, PI: Dr. Joseph Awika

Interactions Involved in the Formation of Starch-Tannin Complexes and their Impact on Starch Digestibility

  1. Sarah Bankhead, PI: Dr. Karen Kubena

Water and Alcohol Aboard 17th Century Ships 


  1. Natividad Fuentes, PI: Dr. Robert Chapkin

Plasma membrane lipid therapy: Disruption of oncogenic Ras spatiotemporal organization by membrane targeted dietary bioactives (MTDB)

  1. Jennifer Deluca, PI: Dr. Clinton Allred

Bisphenol-A and 17-β Estradiol Alter Colon Microbial Metabolites and Exacerbate Dextran Sodium Sulfate-induced Colitis in Mice

  1. Kristen Hicks PI: Dr. Peter Murano

Corporate Wellness Inclusion of Registered Dietitians: Providing Personalized Nutrition Counseling to Improve Nutrition and Lifestyle Factors

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