Advising Information

Undergraduate Advising Office for Nutrition and Food Science Majors

Office:  Cater-Mattil
Phone:  979-845-2142
Office Hours:  Monday – Friday  8 a.m. – 5 p.m

Academic Advising:

Undergraduate advising in the Nutrition and Food Science Department provides you the opportunity to build a relationship with your advisor for the purpose of gaining assistance in planning your educational career, learning the skills needed for academic success and making you aware of the resources and services available to you at Texas A&M University.

In order to ensure your academic and career goals are a success you must have a participatory partnership between you and your advisor.  This relationship will be built over your entire educational experience, and both you and your advisor have clear responsibilities for ensuring the advising partnership is a success.

Scheduling an Appointment:

Appointments are your primary means for meeting with your advisor.  Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes unless you feel you will need more time, and must be scheduled in advance.

Appointments are available, Monday-Friday, in the morning from 9:11:30am and walk-ins from 1:15-4:15pm. 

Call  (979)845-2142 or email .

If you are unable to keep your appointment please call or email the advisor to cancel or reschedule. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, be prepared to reschedule.

Walk-In Advising:

Drop-in students are seen on a first-come, first-serve basis after scheduled appointments.

During busy times such as the first week of class, pre-registration, and orientation,  wait times can be considerable.

To avoid unnecessary wait times, please schedule an appointment.

*Your advisor will assist you by providing information and resources, but you are responsible for planning ahead and meeting academic requirements and deadlines. When in doubt view the Student Rules.*

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