DPD Program Outcomes

The main objectives of an ACEND Accredited DI program are to:

  • •  Prepare students to take the national registration examination to become RDN’s;
  • •  Involve students in a variety of practical experiences that integrate their academic skills with current practice;
  • •  Increase exposure to the various nutrition and dietetic services and specialty areas to help students plan their careers; and
  • •  Provide students with opportunities to strengthen their skills in areas of interest and network with experts in the dietetic profession. 

Competition for DI programs is intense and comparable to applying to other allied health professional school programs. While the most recently documented statistics on the ACEND website report a 50% national match rate, Texas A&M University Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 DI match rate was 88% (as seen in the table below).

2017-2018 DI Match Outcomes of Texas A&M DPD Students Based on GPR

Year of GraduationTotal Matched Graduates> 3.53.49-3.33.29-3.02.99-2.0
Prior to August 201610010
Totals23 (88%)8 (35%)9 (39%)6 (26%)0
Year of GraduationTotal Unmatched Graduates> 3.53.49-3.33.29-3.02.99-2.0
Prior to August 201610001
Totals3 (12%)002 (67%)1 (33%)