Do Well Be Well with Diabetes

Health and walkingType 2 diabetes is a chronic disease. While not curable, it is manageable.  Over 2.7 million Texans are diagnosed with the disease; diabetes education provides an opportunity to help people with diabetes understand how to manage their disease through healthy eating patterns, being physically active, and following proper self-care management.

Clients who participate in an evidence-based diabetes education program have shown to delay and prevent further complications associated with type 2 diabetes.  Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes is a five week series, developed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Food and Nutrition Unit, to help people with type 2 diabetes learn how to manage their blood glucose through basic nutrition and self-care management.

Topics in the series include: how food affects blood glucose, the proper method to test blood glucose, understand medications, incorporate foods into a healthy eating pattern, and much more.

To learn more see our 2018 Program Outcomes.

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