Plugged-in to Nutrition

AgriLifeIn any given month over 800,000 Texans searched health, nutrition, diet, or food on the internet. However, there is a critical need for evidence based nutrition information on the internet.  Responsible social media messages are: clear, current, and consistent with peer review science. Extension online learning opportunities offer another option in addition to traditional workshops and face to face methods of programming.

Members of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Food and Nutrition Unit developed online courses, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, and informational graphics (infographics) to reach nontraditional audiences.  Online courses offer convenience for clients seeking required professional development opportunities.  Professional development courses for food service workers, nutrition educators, and childcare givers were developed.  Topics included food safety, child nutrition, obesity as well as other general and trending nutrition topics.

To learn more see our Program Brief or visit our website .

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