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Clinton Allred

Allred, Clinton
Clinton Allred
Associate Professor
214A Cater-Mattil
Undergraduate Education
University of Georgia, 1997
B.S.A. in Animal Sciences
Graduate Education
University of Illinois, 2002
PhD. in Nutritional Sciences
2014-ILSI Malaspina International Scholar Travel Award
2014-The Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for College-Level Teaching
2010-International Life Sciences Institute Future Leaders Award
2010-Department of Nutrition and Food Science Mentoring Award for Excellence
2009-American Society for Nutrition E. L. R. Stokstad Award
2005-Endocrine Society Travel Grant
Courses Taught
NUTR 203: Scientific Principles of Human Nutrition
NUTR 301: Nutrition Through Life
NUTR 222: Nutrition for Health and Health Care



Research Interest

Dr. Allred’s research focuses on the ability of diet to influence the development and progression of several forms of cancer. Dr. Allred is an expert in the area of understanding the role that plant-derived compounds play in the development and progression of epithelial derived cancers. He has published many manuscripts in this area, which have significantly impacted the understanding of the physiological role of these compounds.

Dr. Allred is also investigating the role of estrogen receptor beta (ERb) in colon cancer development and growth. He is interested in elucidating whether ERb modulates the protective effects of estrogen in colon cells. Also, he is exploring the physiological actions of compounds in the diet that exhibit estrogen-like responses and studying the ability of these compounds to function through the estrogen receptor.


Research Area

Investigate the role of hormones and dietary compounds on the development and growth of cancers of the colon and breast.


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