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Taehoon Kim

Kim, Taehoon
Taehoon Kim
Graduate Student Food Science

Committee Chair:  Dr. Mian Riaz

Research Statement:

My research focuses on the production of High Moisture Meat Analogs (HMMA) as meat alternatives and on the texturized pulse proteins (peas, lentils, and faba beans) as meat extenders. Currently, soy is a major ingredient for meat alternatives and meat extenders after wheat gluten; however, some consumers have concerns about soy, such as: food allergies, hexane residue after extracting oil, and genetically modified organism (GMO). Therefore, there is an increased interest in finding alternatives to soy. This research will help product developers to produce HMMA and texturized vegetable proteins without using soy. In addition, if the products go commercial, consumers will have more options when choosing meat alternatives and meat extenders.