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Peter Murano

Murano , Peter
Peter Murano
Associate Professor
214D Cater-Mattil
Courses Taught
FSTC 201: Intro. to Food Science

Research Interest

Current research interests include evaluation of food consumption and plate waste behaviors of school children; incorporation of satiety ingredients into foods and beverages; and development and evaluation of nutrition education tools for medical students and physicians.  Recent projects include (a) evaluating the nutritional and cost implications of limiting starchy vegetables in school meals, and (b) examination of the impact of grapes in school meals, both of which involve analysis of plate waste, school meal nutrient composition, and school purchasing data; (c) examination of novel food emulsions and ingredients upon hunger, satiety, and calorie intake; and (d) “Web-based Workshop: Obesity Education Tools and Resources For Medical Students and Physicians”, a conceptualization and development of a web-based workshop consisting of a webinar, and obesity education tools and resources specific to adult and childhood obesity and adipose tissue dysfunction. At Texas A&M Dr. Murano founded the Center/Institute For Obesity Research and Program Evaluation, and served as Director from through 2013, working with contracts and grants totaling $3.5 million. He is currently Vice-Chair for the American Heart Association Leadership Council for Obesity Prevention for the State of Texas. Dr. Murano has published research in the Journal of Food Science, the American Journal of Health Behavior, and others; his most recent textbook publication is “Exploring Food Science and Technology,” published by Kendall Hunt.

Research Area

Develop educational strategies targeting nutrition education for medical students and physicians; examine effectiveness of policies targeting childhood obesity; perform school plate waste studies; develop/test anti-obesity food product formulations.