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Joseph Sharkey

Sharkey, Joseph
Joseph Sharkey
Professor Director, Texas Healthy Aging Research Network (TxHAN) Director, Program for Research Nutrition and Health Disparities Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences
1266 TAMU

Research Interests

Neighborhood Food Environment, Including the Objective and Subjective Measurement of Food Accessibility, Availability, and Affordability, and the Influence of These Indicators on Health and Quality of Life; Nutritional and Functional Assessment, Including the Measurement of Usual Dietary Intake, Body Composition, Physical Performance, Food Insufficiency, With an Emphasis on the Relationship Between Diet and Health Outcomes in Vulnerable Populations; Lifestyle Behaviors, Including the Influence of Behavioral Strategies on the Management of Chronic Conditions, Medication Adherence, and Food Acquisition and Preparation; Mixed Research Methods, Including Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Study Design, and Analytical Approaches; Rural Nutrition Service Delivery and the Role of Rural Environments on Health Behavior Change and Maintenance and Health Disparities