Honors Program in Nutritional Science

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science offers honors curricula and research opportunities for motivated students.  Information can be found below.

Why should I join the honors program? 

Our honors program is designed to provide extra academic opportunity for students of exceptional ability who are majoring in Nutritional Sciences.  Honors classes do not just mean more work. The difference in honors classes from regular ones is in how students learn.  More discussion in smaller classes encourages critical thinking and working closely with faculty members on activities that in general are not possible in a non-honors class.  Honors classes also promote development of friendships with students who also crave challenges and exceed academic expectations.  Honors students who are excited about research have opportunities to be involved in research programs of faculty members in Nutrition. Completing an honors program can have value professionally as well.  Admission committees for graduate and professional schools and prospective employers look for evidence of extra initiative and intellectual depth during your undergraduate years.  The honors experience meets those criteria.

All honors coursework is shown on the student’s official transcript indicating participation in the enhanced curriculum.  After graduation the transcript will state that the student has achieved the distinction of Honors in Nutritional Sciences.

Who is eligible for honors?

Entering freshmen are honors eligible if they graduated in the top 10% of their high school class and have an SAT of at least 1250 (verbal + math with a minimum score of 570 on each) or a composite of 28 on the ACT (minimum score of 27 each on verbal and math or National Merit, National Achievement or National Hispanic award winner.  Admission is open to current and potential NFSC majors who have an overall Texas A&M University GPR of at least 3.5.  (Students in the Honors Program in Nutritional Sciences can apply to participate in the University Honors Program as well.)

What are the requirements for completing the program?

In order to receive the designation of Honors in Nutritional Sciences, a student must complete all of the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences, of which 18 credits are honors courses at Texas A&M University.  A 3.5 overall grade point average at Texas A&M must be maintained.

  • 12 credits of honors-level courses in Nutritional Sciences that fulfill requirements for the degree
    • At least 3 credits at the 400 level or above, including 485H, 491H and graduate courses
    • No more than 6 credits Directed Studies (485) or Research (491) or 3 credits through honors contracting
    • No more than 6 credits graduate credit  (600-level)
  • 6 additional hours of honors-level coursework in nutrition or other area

 Students should meet with the Faculty Director as early as possible in their academic careers to plan the program.  At graduation a student must have a cumulative Texas A&M GPR of at least 3.5 and cumulative honors GPR of at least 3.25.

Admissions Form

TAMU Honors Programs website


Honors Program Contact Mailing Address
Dr. Karen S. Kubena Department of Nutrition and Food Science
Faculty Director and Professor 2253 TAMU
Office: 103 Cater-Mattil Texas A&M University
Email: k-kubena@tamu.edu College Station, TX 77843-2253
Phone: 979-862-3164

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